And by happenstance today, I came across a booklet titled “Life After Death – Swami Vivekananda” published by Advaita Ashrama (, 50 paise) much as I . Life After Death. Life After Death. Author: Swami Vivekananda Genre: On Death and Dying Pages: Format: Paperback ISBN: $ 6 Dec The followers of Swami Vivekananda celebrate his birth anniversary (12 comments on death and not life after death, rebirth, heaven and hell.

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Maybe, you should put both your names under the blog and both go to jail for a day!

If we are to live all the time in the future, we must have lived all the time in the past. Action can never die without producing action. We are the slaves of law, the slaves of conduct, the slaves of thirst, the slaves vivekanannda desire, the slaves of a thousand things. Supratim Paul rated it liked it Dec 03, Chetan Hegde M rated it liked it Jun 25, God and freedom are one and the same.

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No more can we transcend the law than can the stars, than can the sun — it is all a universe of law. The mind is constantly changing…But beyond this momentary sheathing of gross matter.


Unaccomplished activities of past lives are also one of the causes for reincarnation. Life and After Life. But this is the fate of the body, not the soul. Jan 19, Madhavan Marimuthu rated it it was amazing.

He responded to my comments as mentioned below.

I have covered topics of soul and reincarnation in some of my viveknaanda blogs. Afterlife is absolutely true because I have experienced it but all im seeking now is the truth to Reincarnation. I am not in any way suggesting fatalism drives life,but yes it does influence life a great deal.

Open Preview See a Problem? Prince Gautama became an ascetic! Body is not irrelevant in any spiritual lesson, because while the soul thinks and decides, the resulting actions or karma is done by bdyond body. This is the Theory of Universal Religion.

Swami Vivekananda on Reincarnation

Creation Theory, and Intellectual Hypocrisy. The Aryans Hindus believed in the impermenance of the body and the permenance of the soul. Dust returning to dust.

Academics, jobs, marriage etc are all jumps in the dark. Life is give and take, sharing, learning from each other etcillaiyyaa? It will help them learn things faster, give clarity of thought and intelligence, help them make correct judgements, think wsami and not engage in negative heyond and actions.

Swami Vivekananda on Reincarnation

This is sheer self-deception! Life Beyond Death 4. The bdyond of the subject is purely a scientific one,and it has taken a new departure from the prevailing methods and systems of presentation of the subject.


A little humour also helps towards readability. In he returned to India, and the next year he traveled to Tibet to study with the lamas there.

Life after Death

One cannot be permanent and the other impermanent. But I have to find fault with you. The Egyptian seed which was taken from the hand of a mummy after years and sprang into life when planted is the type of the never-ending influence of human acts.

But the human body is impermanent. What is it which remains stable — which can say, “I am I”? Times Point Know more. As far as soul being a dot of light residing in the third eye in our forehead, this is what believers of Brahmakumari faith have interpreted from the Hindu scriptures.